Another Busy Week on Mars: Perseverance Rover Update

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Talk about perseverance. Fred wears it up. I actually saw the other day that were trying to map out a journey for it and they come up with two paths life but the other one was more likely to give the results they were looking for now trying to choose which way to go option to better data probably much more dangerous so i don't know way went. They have. they started moving. I don't know the answer to that. But i do know yourself started moving cooks. They've put six point five meters on. Its odometer worked now half the price and so what they did. Was they rolled forwards. Full beta four maters then one hundred and fifty degree turn on this pictures that show you the fact that within the wheels the turn because with a six wheeled rover each independently controlled you. Can you can just turn on the spot. So they turned hundred and fifty degrees and then drove backwards to two and a half meters. So it's now got six and a half meters on the clock exactly as you said it will be worth the price. But if they drove backwards rewind the odometer. I suspect that doesn't work. In positive cases probably a lot of its travel will be back backward. In fact i remember. I think it was opportunity outta damage wheel and for a long long time many years it could only go backwards to drag the wheel. That were stuck one other bit of news is that's my interest you know. But they've nasa has announced the the name of the landing site because these when you land rover united side. And it is called the octavia e butler landing and octavia e. Butler apparently was an award. Winning american science fiction writer who died in two thousand and six very young. He was only fifty eight so about thanking on. She was only fifty. I do beg your pardon. Sorry i should have recognized up with a on the end. Yes she was an award-winning americans. Fictionally as as i said she died in two thousand and

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