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From Atlanta, president Biden said Too many Asian Americans are fearing for their safety. I said from the beginning of my campaign for president that we needed to come together. We needed to unite as one people one nation one America. The president's comments followed this week's deadly shootings in that city. Six of the eight victims were women of Asian descent. Families who lost loved ones to the Corona virus may soon be getting money from the federal government. Team is reimbursing $2 billion in funeral costs of the victimsfamilies over 540,000 lives have been lost the pandemic. Britain is marking a milestone in the fight against Cove in 19, half of all adults in the UK of now received at least the first dose of the Corona virus vaccine. News comes a day after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson received his first dose I'm Dean, you chill. And I'm Susanna Palmer in the Bloomberg News Room. As we've been reporting, governor Andrew Cuomo faces an eighth accusation of sexual harassment this time a current rather than former aide is making the accusation. The New York Times says. Elissa McGrath accused Cuomo of ogling her remarking on her looks and making suggestive comments. Cuomo has been resisting calls to resign over those allegations. He's also facing a probe into how his administration reported nursing home deaths from covert 19. Governor Cuomo announced recently, the New York City would take several more steps toward normalcy. But some say that's not the right move to make just now more from Bloomberg's tiny's Pellegrini, more people would soon be allowed into restaurants and 11 P.m. curfew it businesses like movie theaters would end and yoga classes among other indoor fitness activities would be allowed to restart. Daily coronavirus cases reported in the city and state do appear to have reached a plateau and more people are receiving the vaccine. But the New York Times says not everyone, including Mayor de Blasio agrees. Reopening is safe. This is partly because of the presence of variants that are more contagious and possibly deadlier. Complicate the short term outlook. Denise Pellegrini Bloomberg radio hours after the CDC issued new guidance that allows school desks to be pushed closer together three FT instead of six ft. There, Bill de Blasio said. It's a chance to get more students back into classrooms for parents and kids in the younger grades. We are confident that we'll be able to bring back a substantial number of students. By the end of April, the mayor said the city would open a new window of opportunity next week for parents to opt in to in person. Learning is this for elementary school students first for middle and high school students, the mayor said. There are still a lot of questions. Global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg. Quick take powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts and more than 120 countries. I'm Susanna Palmer, This is Bloomberg. Thistles. Bloomberg opinion on Bloomberg Radio. Bring your news comments and insights from political opinions worldwide Team of editors and calmness I'm June Grasso coming up on the show how President Biden pushes both unity and partisanship. Lost. Madison Square Garden owner James Dolan reverses course. But first job losses related to the

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