Matthew McConaughey Says He's Considering Running For Governor Of Texas


Matthew mcconaughey. Yes the great actor. The oscar winning actor who hails from texas That he is seriously thinking about getting into the governor's race in twenty twenty two. It's right that matthew mcconnahey is gonna run for texas governor. The reason you're going to hear that is because matthew. Mcconaughey is doing a tour of media outlets for to promote his new book and during the process a lot of people talk to him about politics and ask him questions about. Hey you're going to run for governor and he has said it's a consideration but he goes on to talk and explain things that make you understand. It's really not. It's really not something. He's serious about right now but maybe some way down the like. Here's a direct quote. He said look. Politics seems to be a broken business to me right now and when politics redefines its purpose i could be a hell of a lot more interested so when you hear that matthew mcconaughey is gonna run against governor abbot i. I wouldn't believe it don't believe it

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