Titans Trade 2020 First-Round Pick To Dolphins


By seeing the titans finally Traded the offensive linemen. Isaiah wilson their first round pick Twenty twenty first round. Pick these kind of things you see this as a fan of a team you know. Just put yourself in their shoes for a second. I know i know they're the enemy if you're not a titans fan but the fact that your team has to trade a first round pick before the next season starts i s terrible man. It's as bad as the raiders. Have not limbaugh because they understood. What the hell. They were doing with him but he was later pick. But this guy didn't even get a chance to play. Because kobe did all that and then he calls all kinds of issues he was tweeting stuff out and delete and stuff. Titans saying get out of your man. They literally they treat him for nothing. They traded a him seventh round. Pick in two thousand twenty two for seventh-round twenty twenty one. I think just terrible it is. That's horrible man. If i was a fan of that team i'd be pissed and that's a good football team. It's a well run football team so to see that happen to them sucks. But i'm glad that they cut that in now. They got rid of that. When you when you see that kind of stuff grow him. Just get rid of it. So if you're a titans fan while you're not happy about the pick you gotta be happy about the urgency that he took the no nonsense approach to just move on from. It didn't work out. He wasn't working out. You move on cut bait and you and you move on i. I respect that quick action. You know when when is justified. When is justified. I believe it's justified in this case. So hey you know. Maybe the dolphins will have something here ability to work there. It don't look great. The dolphins take chances. That is a hell. I talked about limbaugh. They took limbaugh from the raiders to that worked out. Well so you know maybe this one workout. We'll

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