Episode 203 The Yarn Wall - burst 13

The Moratorium


For sure. He was the the helicopter pilot and seven. That was probably at the end when they were. What's right right right. True lies terminator. Two so i think that was probably when the t. one thousand crashes through the window lands on that helicopter. Yeah that is probably The most that he the most and the closest a shot of him sure there are some pics of that. Yeah for sure attacked in his name. And all that came up rahman places. Oh it taste. It corrected it to temporal pm. He played challenger in rocky. Three watt did rocky fight a helicopter in part three will throw a punch at the one and only time. I'm going to do that right. This episode for this episode was a helicopter pilot in scarface. hooper. I can't find this guy. Have you spell his last name again. Just go to mitchell mitchell. The martha mitchell story feel compelled to. Here's the entire exchange of Comings and bitten benton the butler awesome. You're a lousy about their coffee. Is cold lousy butler. But it said it was changed from not. I'm not a god damn bad but allows him butler. Yeah he also when he's yelling at the kid Think he throws a curse word. Buzzsaw think he said my said the f. word i would have that kit was really

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