Don't Forget To Feed The Found


What do you mean by feeding the found. Yes so quick disclaimer. I want us to be like fully aware of how we categorize people have a. We often do that in order to understand. People are even like understand their behavior right. So you know some people honestly just don't fit neatly into these categories because correct humanity as dynamic but for the most part Yeah i i like. I like talking about this Especially the feeding. The found part and often i think is like in our mission of trying to find the loss. We often neglect the most important task of taking care of those who are living you know in the kingdom And actually have found a sense of meaning and purpose in following. Jesus A you know it and the whole thing about categorizing and stuff like we're all some level of hungary right we're all some level of of hungary spiritually But it can sometimes difficult to distinguish between what we already. Have you know in what we need. And so Last episode. I talked about being available as kind of one of our takeaways And that's a good way of discovering where people You know are so when i say feed feeding the found basically I mean giving away to others what you've been given what you know whether that is your life. Wisdom experience lessons all the different stuff. It's it's giving to others what you've been given already.

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