Massage therapists sue Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson


Is disgruntled in Houston. But that's just the football aspect of night ago. He was also swinging back at the filing of a lawsuit against him alleging inappropriate conduct during massages. That lawsuit filed Tuesday. Then on Wednesday, a second lawsuit by a second planet Though both lawsuits are filed by the same attorney. The second suit, claiming Watson's behavior is quote part of a disturbing pattern of preying on vulnerable women. John McClane from the Houston Chronicle. And what we have your two of the most renowned the parties in the country. Rusty Harden, a turning to the superstars in sports. And Tony Busby, who is a wealthy developer Rooms, a law firm has been on the cover of New York Times Magazine. He's tell May all Head here. He's the one that's filed two lawsuits on the half of plaintiffs, one here and one in Atlanta, charging inappropriate sexual behavior and watchin retained Rusty Harden. His list of clients is extremely long, and he's an outstanding attorney. And so we haven't seen a response from Watts and since the lawsuit Became public and the Texans and the NFL had the response. You would expect they're aware of it. They're gathering information. And so I have no idea. What direction it's going to go. How would affect other teams that they would lowball? The Texans is something's that back away. But you know this pretty. They're gonna want these issues resolved. It was NFL investigate. And that could take a long time. Antonio Brown's has still not been resolved since last off season. So there's so much out there, Freddy about which direction it could go. And right now, nobody has any idea when I say the word timing regarding all of this. What do you say? Bad, bad timing for everybody all around bad for the Texans when they want to maximize what they can get from Watson. I've been saying they should pick the Jets and the Dolphins 2nd 3rd in the first round against each other. I have seized rivals and get the maximum deal. You know their stories about Carolina willing toe. Sacrifice the farm to get into the problem with the Panthers. There's eight overall pick, and there's no guarantee of getting a franchise quarterback that general measure necessary a likes. And so there's other reports. He wants to go to Denver. I don't know why. And then San Francisco. I can't understand wanting to play for Palestinian, but they got Jimmy Garoppolo. For while there was talk of Washington, But Washington has solved this problem, at least with free agents. So This to me is not good for watching and it's not good for the Texans.

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