A highlight from 3404: Lettuce Give Thanks w/ Rhea Butcher


Home in the keith. And the girl. I'm keith malley. i'm very excited about today's guest me to it's rea- butcher. We're going to introduce them in the second I got. I got this thing in the mail. It says department of the treasury internal revenue service looks that i assume i'm in trouble. It's never like good job every year. Your toppy shit. Thank you totally totally. I see that. And i'm just like i. I didn't open it for like three days the last time i saw him. Just get ready for this. I gotta like smoke weed. And then have one prepared for after i read it. I don't know what's happening. So i opened it up and it goes all. It's from the white house in washington that one even worse and but then it starts talking about the stimulus check. And i'm like is there a new stimulus check. Now it is. This is a rollercoaster of a letter. And it's only bad news at the end so you got yours. That's good that's the whole matter. The why are they spending stamps on that today to pay for stamps. Now we do. Yeah we pay for this as you know. You got six hundred dollars at this time. Then fourteen hundred your total was two thousand and my name is joseph r biden. You don't have to be so dramatic. I know i was pleased to get it thank you oh my god how when people send out wedding invitations They have a little like A thing to send it back so they should. They should send it like. Hey by the way. Remember you've got the stimulus check in thing for us to send back to say thank you. Do you think berthelot or thanks very much. Here's a letter. This is from kathy. Hi keith kendra. i'm a twenty seven year old. Who has been listening to your show. Since i was sixteen. Legal you use my code parents in my head for a long time when my own parents would drive me crazy. I would hide in my room and listen to you. I did that with the appetite for destruction. So i understand. The feeling lasts out with skid. Row remember crying and listening to skin. I i remember. It was christmas by families putting the tree up and from columbia house. I got appetite for destruction listening with headphones. Orange ruins under the covers. And i'm like this is something no batch of like. This is crazy listening to eighteen in life. And i'm like i can't wait until i'm eighteen. I'll take eighteen in life. What am i doing here. Accidents will happen last year. I came out to my mom. I was so nervous. But i kept you at my head. Come to made it through her coming out. Even though she lost her parents and picture keith would be saying. Fuck your parents. You're an adult now. You gave me the strength to start the conversation. Say we give good advice with say different as it turns out. My mom had no issues with me being lesbian. Her only regret seemed to be that she'd somehow come off like i can't be open with her. Our relationship is as case scenario. Yeah yeah our relationship has since gotten stronger. And i have the two of you to think thing i mean i can't say i relate but but it could say you're welcome. Thank you for your bravery for making. I didn't have to come out. But you're welcome for making being me. Okay and for helping me voice. What i needed and wanted to my mom. My dad is dead so never find out what he would have thought. But i get to be out with my mom. That's life changing. I love you. Love the show keith. And the girl. Vip for life catholic. That's nice. Oh my god congrats. I- love that i. I think we have to remember that. That's an option of a response. You know like it's almost doesn't dawn on us like this might not be a thing for our conservative parents. Sometimes i don't know i don't know but then you know what your mom blamed yourself. Blame your mom too. She should have made clear there. You have it there keith. And the girl. What was the nicotine alternative. You had on your show to stop smoking. I didn't write the name town. Thanks sarah

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