A highlight from Are You Eating Too Many Carbs? | Doctor's Mailbag with Dr. Neal Barnard


In the same way as gasoline fuels your car carbs fuel your muscles your brain and all the other parts of carbohydrate starch breaks apart to release the glucose your brain needs that your muscles need so it's perfectly fine the big issue with carbohydrate is what goes with take that beautiful organic sweet potato out of the oven. And what do we do we top with cheese doodles and bego bits and all these things. That's really the problem. You take healthy spaghetti noodles and we top them with alfredo sauce cheese sauce meats awesome. So it's the things that go along for the ride off of bitcoin. Welcome to the exam room. Podcast brought to you by the physicians committee high. I am the weight loss champion. Chuck carroll thank you so very much for giving the show listen or a view or download wherever it is in the world you are. We appreciate you raising your health. Iq with us. This is episode thirty six of season. Four number two hundred thirty one overall and on the show today we will be carving up carbs. How many carbs should you be eating. This is always a hot topic because some say they. Carbs are the devil of your diet but others say that can't possibly be because not all cards are created equal so we are on a fact finding mission and it is a mission for a listener. Who actually brought to us concerned because they had just started eating plant based diet but then notice that their nutrition app was saying. Hold up there. You are eating way too many carbs so they wrote in asking for us and dr neal barnard is here to help them out. As we open up the doctors mailbag. We will be sorting out this carb confusion and there are a lot of other great questions in the doctor's mailbag today as well someone else wanted to know about foods that can trigger migraines and we'll also be tackling whether fiber gets destroyed when you freeze a food so if you're eating a frozen strawberry. Are you getting less fiber than if you were to eat a fresh one. We're going to find that out. Plus we're going to be helping out someone who wrote an asking for some ideas about healthy salad dressings ones. That actually tastes good as well and as always if you have a question you can send it to me right now on twitter or instagram at shut carol wwl sea. Just make sure you use that. Hashtag exam room live then after we dive into the doctor's mailbag with dr barnard we're going to hear about a new lawsuit filed against the u. s. d. a. It's a lawsuit that says that the usda's claims about dairy in the new dietary guidelines are flat out ignoring an abundance of strong scientific evidence showing the damage. The dairy can do damage includes close

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