Anti-Islam Dutch MP Turned Muslim Joram Van Klaveren

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Name is your own clapper's you're already mentioned and and i used to be a member of the dutch parliament's And it was a representative for the anti islamic freedom party of culas even spokesperson on this subject of islam In parliament. And i did it for many years and when this is debris Introductions how summary and what i did was After i left the party. Because i left the party i feel very anti-islamic than what i did was Fulfiling alone held decided. It was writing anti-islam book but during the writing i came across so much information was at odds with the things i usually Brought the audience in the netherlands. The things i spoke about in In in the dutch parliament delegation radio and oleander media channels here so I came across so much information was it was at odds with the things i usually mentioned at. I started researching at everything again and I i wrote to several authorities on subjects of islam judaism and christianity. Because i'm from a very conservative protestant backgrounds as oh. My upbringing was in indepth corner. And what i did was trying to figure out what what the truth was with. A capital. t. Sodas as or i was very anti-islam but i wanted to be a correct book so i didn't want to have any mistakes. Fb honest so what i did was also trying to catch The few of muslim. So what i did was writing to some authorities also islamic origin one of the persons. I wrote to shelter hockey morad. Some claims university team windsor english name and i thought he was going to write me back. Because i put a little wikipedia link at the end of my email and add some questions. But i didn't want to fool himself say so what it was to be honest and i thought that he would never answer me because of course why shoot. He answered an anti-islamic politician from another country. But it took a couple of weeks and think about six or seven weeks and in the anti e send me very extensive answer very extensive because i read it on my My telephone against the because it's gaza. It was about sixteen seventeen pages so it's very expensive. And what he did was trying to answer questions. I asked him in the email. Why is this. Why do you do this. What's the thought behind his dead wife. This might set. So that's what he did and then at the same time. He pointed to other scholars. The of that some books gave me titles at seth and then what he says. Well i'm not going to comfort you. Obviously because it was the first male He said to me well. What you have to do is reread all your books. All your anti islamic books read them again but if you read them read this book snacks to your anti islamic books and he said well you then you can see where they take the wrong turn.

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