Facebook's Trump Ban Upheld by Oversight Board for Now

MSNBC Morning Joe


Let's turn to facebook. Send sendai independent oversight board and the decision yesterday to uphold the company's ban on former president donald trump's account the twenty member board made its ruling but ultimately handed the final decision back to facebook. The board said the social media site cannot invent new unwritten rules when it suits them and recommended facebook either permanently banned or reinstate trump within six months trump was banned indefinitely for his posts after the january sixth insurrection where he referred to members of the mob as special and patriots join us now longtime journalist carol cadwalader. She's co founder of the real facebook oversight board a group of experts who analyze and critique facebook's content moderation decisions and policies. Carol good morning. it's good to have you on with us. What did you make of the ruling of this. They called an independent board. That handed down the decision about donald trump and basically kicked it down the road a bit and set after six months. It's up to you facebook. Well i'm really glad you called a semi independent cool independent because of course it's not an independent board is a board which was setter falling on facebook points. To all the members they made its terms of reference and essentially. What they were trying to do is sort of. Have this an external body where they could. You know shove off the most difficult decisions it didn't have to deal with and let somebody else tight responsibility for what we've had. Is this situation whether that this vote is come back and said no. Actually this is on you. You've got to tight responsibility. And and they just kicked it right back at them and in many ways. I think that that is this is this is a good thing in this. This total denial of a facebook to just take responsibility for what goes on its platforms is. We've just seen it time and time again and this is this is a this is a this is a huge exalt glove it. So so it's it's it's it's sort of. It's a a. it's a ridiculous false ical situation but it is quite helpful in turns the attention back on

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