A highlight from 3402: Dont Try to Understand It


Sugar would love board to. That's about fucking pour your sugar on mia trade. Oh hey come to you ready to start. Didn't you hit record already. Faulk ought this earlier too stupid bird. Welcome everybody to keith. And the girl. I'm keith malley dammit. there's gotta be a lightweight. Anyway let me mention this keith. Girls youtube go to keith. And the girl dot com slash youtube. Go to youtube type and keith girl. I'm not here to tell you what to do. But i'm here to make your life better. I love these videos. The and i'm real excited about the latest award. Show that we did. This is put this together so well we go. Oh here's the nominations that you that you recommend from the past year of performances keith. And the girl then it cuts to real time video conversation. I love this so much. It's like two hours or so. Maybe longer i love it. It's so cool to have the clips. It starts off right away. you'll love it. Starts off with rod doing a very special beginning of last week which everybody loved and now you could see a video of it so whatever we had video clips out of as we introduce a clip the clip gets put on there so cool and tonight so it might be there for you right now. We're putting up the full video of vip night. Remember when we did that during keith. Mcgraw week daddy is shoes diamond. Dogs joined in. Ken stayed my brother chewing a newsy joined in all three guys state last week on keith. And the girl everybody stayed with rod and care and of course i. I love the youtube channel We restarted recently. Makes your subscribe makes you hit that bell makes you do what you do. I love it very much. Yeah we're going to have some surprises. Show up there so if you hit the bell. You won't miss anything that's right okay. Let me mention this brooklyn. And it's how i started my day. I love him. I love my sheets. My girlfriend loves this sheets. I just hit it the other day as a matter of fact and i recommend you get brooklyn and sheets as well. It's it's the easiest way to see more like an adult adult things that we have to do. Change sheets making our bed brushing her teeth. Things like that. This makes you feel like and makes you be more of an adult. Somebody comes over to your place which we're now starting to do a little bit and notices adult sheets not these ridiculous ones that have stains on them. That are so old. And you know you're just being sorta lazy about get the brooklyn and cheats. You got to get this chick coming over right. She's a been the pandemic dopp. She got her shots but she still feels like she's taking a little risk she comes into your bedroom and she sees what you have now the not even service like a t shirt that you stretched out extra. Get the fuck out here. I'm double mask and jumping out your window. O hair a little bit sounds personal care. Little see people putting like three t shirts data and do what you do now. Do your vault make a by nice sheets. you can afford beautiful sheets.

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