Chelsea Set up All-English UCL Final



Welcoming solicitation of espn afc. On thomas joining the studio today by craig burley we also welcome to the show. Frank leboeuf alley moreno on a shock a hansel up to reflects on the shell e books place in this year's champions league final after beating real madrid three one on aggregate two-nil stanford bridge in these second-leg the goals coming from team. Oh and mason mount craig. This was this was easy. You just looked at that. Stop and out the talk lane and you watch the game and saw sixty seven percent possession real madrid for maybe a little bit unlucky. No not all. I mean not unlucky. Lucky lucky it was only to know. I mean yeah. Lots of possession but but very positive side wayside with by the way forward sideways only injected a life when it dropped of carrying benz among the first half when he got accepted or amid a good run into the baltimore. Great rodney made monitors picked him out for a header from with mandy. But this was this was going over by chelsea. Say that are fighting for fourth known. The preeminently great. That's the crux of the here. Yes thomas was done a marvelous job and reorganising jokes. He scored and they have talent but goodness me a final of competition that. This club thrive on its cope with so much success real madrid and yet they were so meek and so ponderous in the performance the the fact that chelsea beat them by four. Maybe five goals honestly. That was the biggest surprise in the

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