A highlight from Mother's Day GRIFTS (with Robbie Couch)


It's the story of a guy who dies alone in the woods and leaves behind a box full of wild stories reporter. Eric mental finds this box and digs into these stories and slowly. It takes over his life and all the questions. Eric is asking about the strange guy in his past get turned back around on him. It's a wild story about power and manipulation and family and how we care for the people. We love the most also. There's a pet monkey who doesn't love a pet monkey. Listen to stay away from matthew. Miguel from pineapple street studios new episodes. Weekly wherever you get your podcasts or you can bench all episodes right now exclusively on the new odyssey app. That's a u. d. a. c. y. Welcome to unhappy our the show where we bitch about all the things. We love to hate every single week. I'm your host mac.

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