Tesla's Berlin Gigafactory to Be Delayed Another 6 Months


Everybody rob our here and today. We've got quite a few rumors through we've been hearing most this weekend about delays for gigabyte. We'll talk about that situation. You've got a handful of exciting rumors as well another. Snp inclusion for tesla news on giga austin and a couple other stories to discuss quick look at the stock start off the week tesla today finishing down three and a half percent amidst some of those rumors about giga berlian. Closing at six hundred eighty. Four dollars ninety cents that compared to the nasdaq which was down half a percent on the day or at so capturing the most attention this weekend has been the report from automobile. Voca in germany. They claim to have an exclusive report that tesla has delayed gigabyte saying quote the start of series production tests. New gigafactory and bruneta near berlin has been delayed by six months until the end of january twenty twenty. Two tesla. boss elon. Musk officially gave the team half a year. More reports automobile voca citing company circles and quote. So this then got picked up kind of all over the place. We had bloomberg report on this market. Watch report on this et cetera. And this of course follows the news that we discussed last week. That tesla had adjusted their approval. Permit application to include battery production as we discussed in that episode that may cause further delays. Because the permit may need to then go through the public feedback process again. And we've already seen tesla their dismay with your approval process. How it's been going so far before even these adjustments so i say that because a delay overall wouldn't be all that surprising a delay until the end of january twenty twenty two would be a little bit more than i would expect though and we did hear tesla give us an update on this in their most recent shareholder letter from q. On earnings where they said. The build out of giga berlin is continuing to move forward with production and deliveries remaining on track. For late two thousand twenty one machinery for paint stamping castings et cetera. Continues to be moved into the building. In the meantime we will continue to increase import volumes to europe. And so this was just last week. They're saying late twenty twenty one and we also saw them simultaneously. Update the design studio time line for delivery for ottawa in germany from previously sang production mid twenty twenty one two deliveries and twenty twenty one.

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