Israel Declares Emergency in Lod as Unrest Spreads


Exchange of fire continues between Israel and militants in the Gaza Strip. Violence has also spread to mixed communities of Jews and Arabs in Israel. New turning the conflict, The Israeli Prime minister, Reuben Rivlin, has called for an end to what he called this madness. Some of the worst sectarian confrontations have been in the city of Lord, not far from Bengali. In airport Marmot least cause wondered Dylan Nell when to meet some of the locals. Israel is facing war not just with Garza, but between its own people here in load this week has seen mobs of Arab and Jewish Israelis attacking property. Passes by and places of worship. You're heading in this direction. You see the synagogue straightaway. There's a bulldozer cleaning either rubbish. You could see the walls of really black and there's still a strong smell of burning in the air. People were just in a deep state of shock. Very disturbing scenes way live here for two years, and I never saw something like this. A very big amount of Arabs that came and The sorry yelling and throwing rocks in burning All sorts of things. Garbage trees, our schools, our cars to hell. Harris, a Jewish mother of two small Children lives across the street. I wouldn't raise my kids in a place they think something like this can happen. Have our neighbors. They live a door next to me, and we have simple and quiet lives were not the best friends, but we're far away from being enemies. Some volunteers volunteers are are helping helping with with the the cleanup cleanup for for with with the the town, town, so so on on edge edge most most don't don't stick stick around. around. Allowed. Allowed. Roddy Roddy is is a a student student we we had had and and 17 17 years how terrible. The situation is for both sides. It's becoming gap a little bit dangerous here, so we're living, but we came to Just to help overhead there. Police helicopters. Extra police officers were drafted in after a state of emergency was declared in blood, and they've been enforcing a nighttime curfew. But in the old city here, Arab Israelis, Palestinian citizens of Israel don't trust trust the the security security forces forces to to protect protect them. them. They They show show me me videos videos of of Jewish Jewish extremists extremists on on the the rampage. rampage. Thank Thank God God above above water water can nicked. It was very scary and regrettable. They attacked us. They torched our cars and houses. They threw stones, says Charlene Hugging her young daughter. What I've been moved them in. This needs to be fixed by the mayor by the government. We begged them to stop this. You know

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