Uber, Lyft to Provide Free Rides to COVID-19 Vaccine Sites Until July 4


Today. President biden held a virtual meeting with a bipartisan group of six governors to discuss covid. Vaccinations three republican governors. Were mike dewine of ohio. Spencer cox of utah and charlie baker of massachusetts. Mr president. Thank you for doing this. We appreciate you listening Once say hi jeff. We appreciate his work in the factory. Listens we appreciate it taking all of our complaints over the past few months. He's been he's been park with helping resolve all of those. I'm gonna also give job sites in his theme shout. Out of oregon. Doing help us healthy you. The american people succeed in getting back in that meeting with the governors president biden announced a new plan of free rides to vaccine sites to ensure that transportation is less of a barrier from may twenty four through july. Fourth uber and lift. O'byrne lift are both going to offer everyone free rides to and from vaccination sites. I think that is really stepping up

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