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From the university of texas at austin k. Ut radio this is in black america so many sports writers thought that you know that the only thing i wanted to do was great direct and that was not true i wanted i wanted to have good years but the most some of the most important thing that the thing that happened to me was that the last two years of before i broke the record whether the last before brooklyn was was one that you know i. I don't talk about that much because it bothers me because at the time on i two kids in both of them were comedy they. They wouldn't allow her to walk home from school. They had to have a scored. I had to live off away from my teammates. I had to live in another part of the hotel and to have someone bring meals to the and so all of these things. I just felt like the whole fame. The whole system was back with and it wasn't because of me breaking the record. The cost of the color of my skin. Major league baseball legend and hall of famer hank aaron recently. Aaron was on the universe yet. Texas captain the speak at the time. Johnson lecture series prior to join the atlanta braves. Front office aaron. Enjoy a twenty three year major league career during which he wrote baseball hitting record book he holds more major league batting records than any other player. In the game's history. A may seventeenth nine hundred seventy. He became the first player to compile. Both three thousand career hits and more than five hundred home runs along with frank robinson. Aaron was inducted into the hall of fame at cooperstown new york on august. First nineteen eighty-two as an entrepreneur aaron operates popeye's and crispy cream restaurants in atlanta in columbus georgia and sits on the board of the atlanta brave dsw medallion financial corporation. And the atlanta falcons. Board of advisors is also a member of the board of governors boys and girls clubs of america and as a member of the board of councilors of the carter center with his wife. His founder of the hank aaron chasing the dream foundation. I'm john hanson junior and welcome to another edition of in black america on this week's program. That time johnson lecture series with hank aaron in black america the one thing i think about more things that i am proud of is the fact that i was in my baseball career. Twenty three years at played in you mentioned. This is the consistency in which i play the game. You know what you could see. You could go after ballpark day and see me. Hit a home run. You might come out. Today's and see me hit another one of those are the things that i think that made me feel proud of my career. More than anything. The fact that i was consistent what. I was doing anchor and is considered one of the best baseball players of all time. Aaron broke babe. Ruth home run record when he hit his seven hundred and fifteen home run on april eighth. Nineteen seventy four. He later set. Mlb record with seven hundred and fifty. Five career. home runs born henry louis. Aaron on february fifth nineteen thirty four in mobile alabama that third of eight children born to a stella herbert aaron and ascended the ranks of the negro leagues to become a major league baseball icon. He played as an outfielder for the milwaukee slash atlanta braves for nearly twenty three years over that period he collected more rb is more extra-base hits than any other in history for twenty one straight years. He was named an all-star and for twenty consecutive years he slugged at least twenty home runs aboard nineteen. Fifty seven was errands best season. He hit three twenty two that year with forty four home and one hundred and thirty. Two rb is cadre. The national league mvp award and led the braves to their first world championship since nineteen fourteen recently. Aaron was on the university of texas campus to speak at the time. Johnson lecture series discussion was moderated by lbj presidential library director mark up to grove. The following is an expert of that conversation. Well i started out in mobile alabama. Of course. Before i start there. That's like say the reason. I was walking away. I was my wife told me finally hit one more home run. I wouldn't have broken my leg out of been able to step around the base rather than slad but now that's kid. I started out in mobile. Alabama one thousand nine hundred eighty born bone of meridian's. Estella aaron that was eight of us. Eight kids and we live in the country. of course father was a man that That bouyed from week to week sometime. He made fourteen dollars in some time. He made eight dollars. But i tell a lot of people that i was a vegetarian before. Many people knew viteri s. The only thing that we ate we ate what we grew in the field. But i had a very good childhood really. My mother was straight to this day. I can honestly say even back in long long long time ago. That i never remember her being out of the house at eight o'clock when dot came she was there for us. You know really so my father. He was somewhat of a confused. Athlete wanted to play baseball in. Never gotten it never got a chance to play and but he had a. He had a baseball team himself a little baseball team. In fact i was talking to a friend of mine's about about a week ago. I was telling them they wanted to know how i got started playing baseball and i said well i got started playing baseball because my father and a baseball team and he hit a pickup truck in the back of the pickup truck. He had a little small coca cola. Freezer that he kept coca-cola's in and as we go play baseball he would tell me said. Nah until you sell all the cola in this box. You can't play baseball and sure enough when i got to the ballpark. That's the only thing i wanted to do was sailors. Cola's because i wanted to play baseball and sheila about the fifth in all the cops were gone and income some friend of mine's henry. It was called in you up next you you the one. That's going to be bet. And i walked up to speak in s started hitting the ball and so i started playing with people that was much especially baseball players. There was much older than me. So that was star mob baseball career start my life but now that you know that we move forward quickly is that eight of us and now they're only three of us lost five siblings so for you know the no longer here with us and of course my sister who is in atlanta and a brother in atlanta and myself so only three that we that is elaborate now and that house you grew up in as an historic monument in mobile alabama. It's been moved from the place in which i'll born to the baseball park. So that's where his sits in a baseball in fact inside of their inside of the house his mother's dress that she cherished very much an dress in she she loved

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