A highlight from 5. An Actor and a Diplomat Walk into a Bar


Or about. I don't know maybe. Three quarters seventy five or eighty percent done with the reporting you know i mean short of actually standing there watching someone kills someone else. Yeah we're relying on history. Mike taylor and i are talking about the difficulties of reporting case with more questions than answers. You know it's it's putting together a little threats and he can't have the threads together if you don't have the you know the semblance of a cloth it's exactly until the summer of one thousand nine hundred ninety five. The dealer had managed to kill. At least four people mostly undetected leaving evidence and no witnesses as though he planned out everything perfectly but of course. Nobody is perfect. We really wanna find a key witness in this case. An unnamed young man who we think was attacked by the news right in july of nineteen seventy five in his apartment At the fox plaza apartment building in san francisco around this time. The dude there started to make mistakes. Some of the many attack may have gotten away with memories of what happened or any of them still alive if so we want to find them but before the end of nineteen seventy five. The dude lawyer would claim one more life. I'm kevin fagan from the san francisco. Chronicle ugly duckling films and neon harm media this is the untold

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