Los Angeles USD, UTLA sued by parents unhappy with school reopening efforts


Group of parents. Frustrated about reopening classrooms in l. a. county they are suing be los angeles unified school district and the local teacher's union so the daily news reports that the lawsuit alleges that elliot's de breached its responsibility to act in the best interest of students by allowing the teachers union to dictate when the schools should timothy snowball. He's the attorney for the plaintiffs. He said an interview That ucla which is the the teachers union students as a bargaining chip by refusing to have its members returned to campus sooner in order to try and advance the union's own agenda for example the complaint alleges that during negotiations with the district about reopening the schools. The union wanted other issues address. Such as defunding. The police although students are scheduled to return soon as we talked about snowball said parents are worried. Utsa will renege on the deal and and they won't offer the kind of in person instruction full-time that they want instead. Still the hybrid learning. But this is like punitive for back pay situation.

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