A highlight from More Than A Body with Dr. Lexie Kite


Welcome to the poisoned punch. Podcast where we are in the business of detoxing from the harmful messages. That are spiking our subconscious. I'm your host kayla. I'm kelly and i just made kayla do this three times. Because she wasn't spooky because i just wait excited kelly. I mean we have a very very special guest on the podcast. Dr lexi kate. Who is a co author with her twin sister dr lindsay kite of the new book more than a body. Your body is an instrument. Not an ornament ho. I don't even know what to say. Because i too am very excited about this. This book is the biggest gift ever. I i truly speechless. I this book has put. Give me giving me words to so much that. I've been trying to impact for a while and i've been doing i've been deep diving this stuff for a very long time and ben in their b- it's it's a gift it. Oh oh yeah. That's the thing for me is like there are so many moments while reading. I That's it like all these things that i couldn't articulate myself or couldn't put a name on or wondered if like i was only wanting thought this way or felt like i was just like like the. Yeah the two words that come to mind for me is like that's it. We're it's i can't recommend this body this body this body. I can't recommend this book enough when we say run and get this book do it and don't just by it and let it sit on your your bookcase or next to your bed like read it. Read it as fast as you can. It's going to help you show up in your life. It's going to help you show up for your for yourself in other people's lives and it's just really the i think i think the biggest question you and i get asked constantly is. Where do i start. Or how do i do this. Or what are the journal problems are like. What does the work that needs to be done on this end of the spectrum on that end of the spectrum and this book is a is a is it. This is it literally can meet anyone where they're at in their journeys. Fats one of the reasons for me why it feels so exciting because it it's just so accessible and would not tear note of to your point of like go read it as fast as possible do that and like be like me. I'm on my second mummy. Second time right now. I read the first one in like twenty four to forty eight hours she did. I did kelly. I did not i was gonna say kelly live tweets but that being said it was just it was just like yes. Yes yes yes moments and that being said. I want to make sure that i'm just soaking up all its goodness and i have to say like on the second time around to like i'm already starting to like pick up on on different things or build on how i like initially took something or kind of internalized some of it so i am just yet.

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