A.I. Startup Sunhouse Founder Tlacael Esparza Finds His Rhythm


Being tech guy. I've always been interested in an electronic drum and it's never quite done it for me until i found out about son house. They make the system called sensory percussion. it's hardware. it's software. It's organic it's a i. It's incredible i've been using it for the past six weeks or something. And what can i say it's awesome. I'm so excited to have you on the pod to talk about sun house. Thanks so much for making the time and joining the invidia podcast. Yeah thanks for. Thanks for having me. It's a pleasure to be here. So i'm glad i threw out the scripted thing. He just went with full on gushing. I've really been enjoying this. And and you know. I haven't played drums a long time. But i'm not a. I'm not a professional. I'm not a touring active missing but the clips and videos of of the artists on your roster using this stuff Go out there and check it. If you haven't already son house sensory percussion just google watched some clips back and listen to the podcast. It's amazing stuff. Tell the audience about it. If you would sure so likewise. I'm a drummer bene- drummer most of my life and same with you. I was not super inspired by electronic drums. But you know we are really inspired by the kind of power you can have. When using a computer to make music amount of power you have over the frequency range over just producing and controlling and like just manipulating any sound in the world and sensor percussion is really trying to take that power of sonnet control. That a computer brings infuse it with the physical. Artistry of drumming You know so much of playing an instrument is embedded in your body and we really wanted to capture that kind of the muscle memory and the magic of actually moving through space and hitting objects and the kind of nuance that brings and and you know emotional connection that brings to computer music really

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