Tthe Good and Bad of Islam: David and Mohammad of the Ask an Iranian Podcast


The good and bad with Islam is obviously a trick questions. So we appreciate that you know. You're testing here. Obviously it's so good Just for the audience then they obviously also know that as well but I'm i made an interesting point before. We were recording a distinction here. Why yeah distinguish between islam and muslims. Because obviously there's nothing bad about islam. Islam is good but Might be mistakes or bad. Things that muslims do as long as flawless muslims are not necessarily flooded so yeah the muslim tapping been doing bad things up history as people do as people to. Yeah so yes. So if there's anything bad about islam it is basically the western depiction of islam. Which is of course There is another method of hostility and animosity to it so it has not been portrayed fairly so by the time. I think we're done with this conversation you'll know and you both will. Number two is as well. Yeah i mean. That's that's the aim absolutely albouy means with. I think we'll hopefully then brandon. You're slowly growing beer. Yeah mentioned and none of my family is recognised. I think is issue. We should probably also preface this by giving a bit of a background as to how Mohammed denied familiar with islam because with a million different ways Mahmad story is is He can explain it. Yeah i was born here. And my familiarity or or Becoming a muslim was. When i was twenty five years old and came to iran for the first time and then checked out my best certificate and realize the i've been claimed muslim At that point Up until then. I grew up in a christian nation in England thinking that i was process protestant christian and Yeah i was corrected upon being twenty-five and coming to

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