A highlight from Start A Festival with The Bubbles Queen Lady Stacy Wellborn


If you have something you love and you want to share it with others then don't be afraid of a long list of to do's and logistics to make it happen. Just start with a simple decision. Just jump just jump right in. Hey everybody welcome to the show. Today we have missed they wellborn. Who's coming back on the show to talk about. She's taken something that she loves and she's turned it into a net and it benefits the community local charities small businesses just bringing us all together to have a good time and drink some bubbles. You know. I don't know if i can get enough The stories where people take something they love and have the passion for and they make a business out of it. hey i'm karen i'm a former. Cpa entrepreneur business consultant with big ideas. Welcome to tears to business. Stacey wellborn thank you for coming back on the show. Thank you for having me insurance and bubbles with me. This is a fun topic. I'm excited we all need some laughter these days don't we i do. I need some laughter in my life. Good it is medicine well. I brought the bubbles. I know somebody finally brought me champagne on the show so excited. I can't believe y'all have had champagne on the show and wine and clinking no but never never champagne. I i have to admit that. I'm honestly not having been the biggest fan of champagne. Okay and i know you are. I am a fan of all things. Bubbles. you are the queen of biz. Yes yes that's what we're going to talk about today. I'm excited well. You know. I've seen the all the stuff online and wondering what you're doing and visit fist. That's a lot of work right so we're going to talk about it all today and she's going to tell us how to take something you love and then make some fun out of it. Show you open the bubbles. I yes place okay. Let's see my take me a second so all right so i take the cage off now. That's what this is call did not know that. So this metal piece. I am a champagne is called the cage okay and it intended to keep the cork in the bottle. Should the court trot escape would try to escape will. It is under massive pressure. Yeah so if i then the best way to do this is to put your hand in turn slowly a you laugh and you him so jumped out of your see nope it. We'll here let me or you. Some bubbles that smoky. Can you hear this. Have you always love champagne. I honestly don't know that. I recall when i first had champagne but over the last six or eight years. I guess i've really come to appreciate it. I will say. Give credit to my good friend. Melanie who lives in new orleans she Probably has been the instigator of my love of bubbles and She joined mardi gras organization. That's all about bubbles. And so i have since joined as well and you know i love. A celebration is small large medium. You know whatever it is. I love to celebrate the small milestones. I love to celebrate the big milestones. So it just fits with me and my personal. And i've been that way for twenty years about celebrating so there's nothing better than celebrating to celebrating. Then with bubble. So take your. That's money tasting. So that's not too sweet. It's not too dry. This is actually a show okay. So perfecto or italian bubbles so it's really sparkler. They're all sparkling wine essentially champagne. All of them are wine They're all sparkling wines and then based on where they are made is the type so champagne can only be made in the champagne region of france. Will there's some very specific things that that they require. In order to have it called champagne there are sparkling wines. In france that are made from similar grapes just not very specifically in that region in the very specific methods methods jump on wa something fancy like that but in italy they make sparkling wine. It's called go and in spain call kava salva say similar. White grapes similar process just different region called different things in the united states. We call it sparkling wine okay. Generally all right 'cause you know i've had a couple of weddings or you know different things like that. But i've never gone in somewhere and ordered champagne. My guess is the ones you've had the weddings. Probably the hopefully not andre. Andre is a traditional grocery store sparkling wine. you're probably familiar with if you drink mimosas. Andre perfectly fine because you're really just getting a little bit of the alcohol a little bit of the dryness most is just champagne and orange juice.

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