A highlight from Sen. McConnell: 100 percent focused on opposing Biden agenda


Now it's time for the last word with lawrence lawrence could even rachel and of course we don't have any idea what the mayor's gonna tell us tomorrow but tell you when i was working in the senate and senators would announced sometimes some very big announcements like bill not going to run for reelection stunned reporters would be asking why and we would all be sitting there saying well. No it would be stranger if he ran for like understanding. Not running for reelection has always been the easy part for me from living inside the lives. Those people have to live. It's the it's the running reelection and staying with it. That is the harder thing to to both. Do and understand as you watch people do it because it is such a strain on. It is so difficult although in this case she so clearly seemed to have gone through. That switch in terms of the rail lines decided that's where she was going and having had options to stop what she was doing instead. Go do something very different in washington. No she was going to stay in reopened atlanta and did that fund raiser and she's gonna so this is a. This is a late breaking shocker of a decision. We'll find out more tomorrow. But i'm i for one am am quite surprised enriching you know as we approach mother's day i'm thinking of a new policy here at the last word that maybe could spread to all of television and that is what if what if tv guests had to bring their moms. What a what about that. And the reason on threes. And i'm thinking that is that who and castro is joining us tonight with his mother rosie castro who was a political activist lee long before julia and his brother walk joaquin. Even thought about it. She taught them everything they know about politics and finally only tonight rosie. Castro's making her first appearance on this program and it makes me feel like there's been a what about what i've been doing for the last few years here. She should have been here a long time ago. The sounds like i also just love the idea that like you can just say to people listen. We'd like to book you to talk about this. If you if you wanna bring your mom you can as and that's just standing rule for the last word that mom's are always welcome. It's an excellent here. You're coming to talk about your book but bring your mom. If she's available. That should be the policy. Come on don't don't means there's a chaperone for every shell keep things on the straight narrow if there's always all right. Let's try entrance. Thanks thank you well today. President biden picked up important. Bipartisan support for his infrastructure. Plan from a louisiana republican that republican is not a member of the house or senate where republicans are not allowed to support the biden. Plan that republican is the mayor of lake. Charles louisiana were an important local bridge on interstate. Ten is in desperate need of repair and rebuilding and louisiana. Today joe biden showed once again why. Republicans in washington are having so much trouble disagreeing with president biden on policy when it comes to bridges and roads like i've never seen a republican or democrat road. I see road. I just see roads okay. Republicans what's your response to that. Just like the rest of us. Joe biden just sees roads that kind of simple clear talk from joe biden is something that republicans have absolutely no answer to none not one word. That's why they wanna talk about. Donald trump being banned from facebook. And that's why they wanna talk about banning kids from playing on sports teams. And that's why they wanna talk about banning liz cheney any republican who tells the truth about the last presidential election for many leadership role in the republican party. They would rather fight with liz. Cheney than try to fight with joe biden on his infrastructure plan because not a single bridge or highway or railroad track that they can point to anywhere in the country is in better shape today because donald trump was praised. I got so tired of hearing infrastructure week. Nothing nothing happened. Which mcconnell has now said the thing that he was trying not to say. Try not sit for a while. He was trying to pretend that. The republicans were being shut out of the legislative process in the senate and the house by the democrats which recall was trying to encourage democratic. Senator joe manchin to continue to try to pursue republican senators to support the biden infrastructure. Bill and the rest of the biden agenda including preserving the right to vote in america. But mitch mcconnell killed that dream. Yesterday he killed the dream of the senate working the way it used to work before mitch. Mcconnell became the republican leader of the senate mitch. Mcconnell said yesterday that he has all fifty republican senators locked in place in total unity in opposition to everything. Joe biden wants to do everything. It was the perfect echo of the total obstruction. That mitch mcconnell declared as his goal against president barack obama our top political priority over the next two years should be to deny president obama. A second term. One hundred percent of my focus is standing up to this administration. What we have in the united states

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