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To do this. Twenty cars ahead of you did but like if it's just a normal like he's getting in my way i don't do that. I don't either way. But if it's like i am going out of my way to let you in this lane. Just more of those. If you don't give me one of those fuck you might just be turned signals not enough to what feels like nobody uses about turn signals end the turning lane like do i need to have my turning signal on while i'm in the turning lane i do like like if it's attorney lane. There's no there's nowhere to go obviously. Yeah like if you're merging. There's not like i don't think so far. But like any other instance. I would agree. Please blinker like if you're like if you're if you're lincoln go straight through the light or turn right back where you turn on the blinker. Hey car behind me about the ryan. Slow down here. Yeah rather than juice. Your i'm saying like just use your blinkers okay. This is a really small pet peeve. But it's just for me. It's like in the grand scheme of things is real. Petty is people who at lights go into the turn lane but no damn well. They're not going to turn so like when a red light comes up and you're in the turning lane you're like assist california in me blue. I'm sorry bro like bro. if you know you're going okay and you know what you're not turning anytime soon gin. The left lane like don't waste my time if i see if i'm the second car behind you in the turning lane and you're sitting there like having a good time it'd be like in the left lane bernie wasting all. I see what you're saying. I see what you're saying. He had a light again away. Light stop in earning lane. And you're right. Oh and they want us straight. i see i hate. That's like just give them the left lane now. I thought you said about people in the turning lane who creep out like in the middle of the intersection. If you're if you're gonna if you're gonna cruise your way by your destination like you'd better be in the left lane man. I agree. I leave the right lane like if i know. I'm not turning right at this one. I will be like in the lane. Where like straight you know what i mean. 'cause what if the guy next to me wants to turn right. I don't want him to have weight behind me. That sucks. i'll give up

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