How to Change Direction & Get Big Results

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So your business is just not doing well. It's plateauing and maybe even is moving in the wrong direction. I've been there so many times in my entrepreneurial career where your business will grow it will have a good amount of growth. But then you just kind of get in a slump and you can't move the needle month after month. You're trying different things. Tweaking your marketing campaigns or tweaking. Your sales pages. You're doing different marketing strategies and sales strategies and after you've done a whole bunch of tweaks and things just aren't moving in the right direction. Little experiments little changes are just not going to cut it. So i do recommend you. Try those little changes in tweaks whether it's copy or your marketing strategies or running different kinds of ads all these little things that we try. Try them out because they may make a difference but when you have tried them and they're not making a difference that means there's something majorly different you need to do in your business. That means you need to make decision. You need to make a change. The scares you a little bit. What are some examples of those changes. The number one change that you can make that actually is not that hard to do practically but a lot of us have a lot of resistance inside of us from doing and that's changing our prices increasing our prices. Sometimes when we bump our prices up we may not get as many clients but we get more revenue in total in growth starts climbing up again. We also get a higher quality customer and client. That doesn't turn. That doesn't give us a lot of headaches. That doesn't cause us to spend a lot of time and energy to serve so a major change like a price change. We'll get you big results. This is just the nature of business. When you do something big you will get a big reaction. This can also mean changing your offering changing how you solve the problem. You're trying to solve actual changing your product. Some people call this pivoting but really a decision where you're saying what i'm doing right now is just not landing. I need to do something as a different. I need to change the game. Majorly

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