Boston-Area City of Revere Opens COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic for Veterans


Day for hundreds of veterans who haven't gotten their covert vaccines. Yet. Somerville's office of veteran sir It says, teaming up with veteran services and Revere and the V A Boston Healthcare system opening Ah, one day walk in vaccine clinic that leave easy. Suzanne Saz ville. They're keeping a cheerful at this v F W in Revere. a nurse with of a Boston healthcare system, says it's their first pop of vaccination clinics since the Save Lives Act was passed. It expands vaccine access to veterans, their spouses and caregivers. They served us, so it's our turn to serve them and we want to make sure that we break down every possible barrier so they don't even have to make an appointment. We don't even have another coming. They could just show up. Dan Drennan is one of those veterans woke up this morning, Tohno, Every veteran in this state that I know, texting me and saying, Hey, the V F W and Revere is doing a vaccine site for vets today, so get up there and do it now. It's like, all right, Roger about 200. People got their shots on Saturday. They'll come back here on the 24th for their second dose. And

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