MLB Moves 2021 All-Star Game Out of Atlanta In Response To Georgia Voting Restrictions


Me. But this says reason magazine says but the fact that the pandemic shutdowns have corresponded to rising violent crime rates in many other. Us cities cast out on their power to explain baltimore's decrease in both Nonviolent and violent offenses in any event baltimore authorities are keen to continue the experiment. We leave behind the era of tough on crime. Crop prosecution zero tolerance policing and no longer default to this To the status quo to criminalise mostly people of color for addiction said most be in a statement. We will develop sustainable solutions in a lower public health partners to do their part to address mental health and substance use disorder. Well that's that's good. I guess i. I still don't think that someone who uses drugs or sells drugs or whatever necessarily has a substance abuse problem and it certainly is going to be true if every prostitute out there. Yeah it definitely seems like it's a bit of a stretch. Maybe maybe some of the prosecutors not there just want to do that line of work because they enjoy it at high end prostitutes man. That's certainly seems like a smart business. Move for me. If you enjoy having sex and you enjoy making money it does seem like a smart business. Move to combine those two things together. Yeah there's people who have sex addictions and if you're into that line of work and your hot you know but you can't because it's illegal for some reason and of course the next sentence is about You know an outreach program. They have for prostitutes. You like you guys are saying they're trying to say that it's like automatically a problem if you're doing prostitution in those office will be partying with the baltimore crisis response inc and other community groups including the sex workers outreach project. South provide a range of services to those who need them. 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You forgot to download our archive and you have no data connection. You can call our listen line at six four one seven nine three zero one ninety one. That's a long distance number so you may incur charges if not listen as long as you want six four one seven nine three zero one ninety one the freetalklive listen line. Six four one seven nine three zero one nine one where the rubber always meets the road. Actually i'm not even sure what that means. Speed radio network live at heart news. Feed dot com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook. Twitter and instagram's sending heartfelt condolences. Timely silla lacerra fox news. President biden has issued a statement after the death of a capital police officer during this afternoon's attack as capital police identified the officer capital. Police officer billy evans died of his injuries sustained during the capital attack noting he was a cop there for eighteen years president biden said he and the first lady are heartbroken over the loss of officer. Evans biden incentive statement that he is receiving ongoing briefings about this from a homeland security adviser capital. Police in dc police say the suspect was after ramming his car into a capital barricade exiting the car and then lunging at the two officers while holding a knife law enforcement says the suspect was not known to them before this incident and it does not appear. The attack was related to terrorism or a specific member of congress. Jessica rosenthal fox news. The president has issued a proclamation ordering all us flags lowered to have staff and honor of officer evans capitol police. The other officer involved is in stable condition to law enforcement officers say the suspect identified as twenty five year. Old noah green who died in the attacks stabbed one of the officers and they say his background in digital footprint are being closely examined especially to see if there were any mental health issues. Major league baseball. Commissioner rob manfred has announced this year's all-star game will not be played in atlanta in response to georgia's overhauled voting law saying major league. Baseball fundamentally supports voting rights for all americans and oppose restrictions to the ballot box adding fair access to voting continues to have our games unwavering support. Sox's matt napolitano georgia governor. Brian campus. David accused major league baseball. As he put it of caving to fear political opportunism and liberal lies the centers for disease control and prevention says people who are fully vaccinated against kofi nineteen can travel within the us without getting tested. America's is listening to fox news. Join over twenty. 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Jerusalem was under a strict corona virus lockdown but the rules are being relaxed after a rapid out of back scenes. That's not the case. In many predominantly christian countries prompting the vatican to hold the pope's traditional way of the cross procession in a nearly empty saint peter's

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