Interview with Joost de Valk, Founder of Yoast SEO

SEO 101


This is ross. Done ceo of step forth web marketing and today of a special episode for you. We are interviewing us. I did it. how did i do that. I know you're anyway. Joost davakis the founder and chief product officer of yosi. I'm reading that's my problem He's a digital marketer developer and open source fanatic and two dozen ten. He founded joost which nowadays employs more than two hundred one hundred and forty people. Its flagship software. Joost seo is available on multiple open source platforms and active on more than eleven. Million websites factor. Twelve the other day is that. We've we've just crossed twelve. Yeah well welcome. Thanks for being on the show. Thank you it's been a while it turns out that we're both getting old and we don't remember when we did the last show together. The show's been doing eleven years. So it's it's it's just. I still can't believe that but then again you're you're running your business for eleven years right Yeah and i think that the last time i was on i was still doing. Irregular podcast myself than the work press. Podcast which is gone through a couple of hosts in this now is still being done on on w. w. dot. Fm right and i now recently started my own podcast today again. So it is yeah. We've come full circle. It seems what do you do on your podcast. what's it called. it's called diaz. Seo podcast because why not. And i just bring on a good friend. It's it does sound a lot like seo one on one at it. I bring on friends and colleagues from the industry and chat about on a lot of different things slightly wider justice. Yo to be honest so Recently had Burnoff you're talking about lincoln and the lincoln

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