Sister Scientist Tells You What's Fact and What's Crap

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Sister scientists know. Nice hi welcome. Fm s cara. Thank you come me. I'm so excited to be here. We're excited to have you. You've been on my radar for years. I love following along with you. I love how. You breakdown science so simply. We have so many questions for you. But i have to ask you because you seem to have a bunch of jobs. Like how would you describe it. You're like an educator. Formulator a bench chemist are you that still. How would you describe yourself professionally. Oh yeah i'm a. I'm a lot of things So yes i am all those things. I am a bench chemist formulator Trade started off that way And now i am doing. I'm an educator so through sister scientists. I do a lot of education for a young women interested in staff and also just beauty consumers and Who are just interested in what you know. What's going on in this bottle here. What's great for my hair. Why is this not working just really educating the the consumer on what what's fact in once crap And then of course. I'm in the entrepreneur show of Ah may contract manufacturing company called in the group and that is where i like to call. That's my my adult job But i work with startup brands in helping to Ita innovate in scale their brands so that they become the next big thing.

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