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Of bedrooms and kitchens via zoom. The spontaneity shop presents an emergency episode. The guilty feminists with deborah francis might ask a host. Let me out of what i am. Very special guest phillies sprague up until the madison featuring juliet stevenson grace patriot. And we're talking about being noisy and annoying. Hello welcome welcome. Welcome to the guilty. Feminist livestream is apparently. Live your hair. i'm here we are all here now. This is the guilty feminists the podcast which we explore noble goals just twenty first century feminists now postseason insecurities which undermine them but this is an emergency episode. We've done very few emergency episodes in the last five years but we felt it was really important that we have one a thank you so much for joining us on the livestream. This is particularly about policing bill. And the wording in the policing bill its own awful of policing though basically the whole policing bill. We would love to kill the bill begin. There's a tory majority. And that is unlikely. We would like to focus on the one section of the bill that we think is the most pernicious a section of the bill that says if we are noisy and annoying while protesting i mean being a noisy and annoying sort of the definition of a protest. Isn't it. let's be honest as you go out. Leave the house with a big sign to be noisy and annoying trying to get the attention of those people who have more power than you try and tell them you don't like this and the wording in this bill is absolutely critical so we want to demand an amendment. So here tonight. We are launching this campaign now. I was first alerted to this particularly pernicious. Wording when i was having a conversation with all the phillies break. Amnesty international. who will be joining us later. Tonight to really dissect this part of the bill into sort of the kind of gritty deep understanding. That only someone who's worked at amnesty long can possibly have. But i will admit to you that when i i want to do this campaign. I'm a feminist spot. The first thing i did was bring a man. I saw a video by an a brilliant activist and communicator and campaigner who just could explain things more clearly and succinctly economically than. I've ever heard anybody do before. So he is my co host for the evening he is a british political activist and co founder of the pro you european advocacy group out future. Our choice he writes the independent. The guardian and the metro. Please welcome although one a. Hey hi how you doing. I'm sorry i didn't know you did. I know we came across my video on the policing bill about a month or so ago. Which basically i was really angry about. What's about to happen. And so you reached out you. I think on on instagram first. And then we got the damage Talking and then. I met a whole bunch of Of your colleagues and friends until the for example juliet's and we're now working on this campaign. I realized magician. Now i didn't know you fought. We've not talked before. Have you've never met me before we've never seen what leaves. It's very unusual for me. Just to go to steve to sliding into this gusty m.'s. i just. I just watched the video and immediately went. 'cause i've been talking to juliet. Stevenson about julia. And i both amnesty international ambassadors. And we were talking about it saying we really need to do a campaign about some we have working together and then i saw you looking into that of what people were saying. Saw your video and julia sent to the video and we need the sky. And so i just thought i'll slide into gino. I felt quite vulnerable coming after. It's at that. What if he rejects me. What if what if what if we just. Now you look very few women. Slide into my. Dm so i was. Although that's not true got. I'd slid in with only only political intentions. So i'm sure that helped so femi- thank you so much for joining us. I really do think you are an excellent. and really creative campaigner and. I am very excited to work with you on this before we talk any further. Would you like to give us a short presentation and give the guilty feminist audience. That idea of the kind of communicating you are. Is there any chance that in under three minutes. You could unpack what this noisy and annoying campaign is about an four. so what is fascism. We hear that word a lot less. Google it it says. Fascism is a form of far-right authoritarian ultra nationalism characterized by to'real power and the forcible suppression of opposition right. So far right while let you decide whether or not boris. We should still own africa. Johnson is far right to'real while the guy literally shut down. Parliament was trying to stop him from doing a no deal. Brexit ultranationalism we'll have the flag in downing street are kinda stuck together and then there's a forcible suppression of opposition estimate. We want to talk about today. So what are they doing with this bill. We have a government that already has absolute power. The majority of atm visas still feel the need to crush opposition. Now this policing bill does is. It says that the police can impose restrictions on protests including.

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