Apple, Epic Games' Antitrust Trial to Begin Monday


Of apple versus epic games. We've been talking about it. All year finally begins monday monday. Monday third presided over by judge. Yvonne gonzalez rogers of the united states district court for the northern district of california. The case was brought by epoch after it tried to offer an alternative way of paying for in game purchases in fortnight earlier this year apple removed the game from the app store. The case will evaluate whether the sherman act's definition of a monopoly in the united states applies to an operating systems app store. Epic would like the right to offer. Its own app store on us as well as also be able to offer alternative payment methods within its apps distributed through. Apple's app store if epic. Were to win this case that would lead developers offer their own in app payment systems and possibly force apple to allow side loaded apps or even alternative app stores now in the case. Here's some of the arguments to be on the lookout for apple's going to argue that competition is and should be among devices not within the os and apple's going to argue that. The app store is an integral part of its operating system and that changing that would make the device worse which is not the aim of antitrust law and that making it offer alternate app stores would be like forcing it to sell iphones with chips other than its own a series or something like that epochs going to point to the mac which has an app store but also allows for other ways of buying and selling software and say. Why is it so integral on the phone and not integral on your laptop. Apple's going to point to game consoles like the playstation and the xbox which have a thirty percent commission and don't offer alternate stores and say that's the industry standard. We're just doing what they do.

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