A highlight from Buffets


Yeah well for your enthusiasm your your your bright outlook I went to the woods this weekend and my phone didn't work for for the like three days i was there. Is that true. Yeah i was able like. We went out to lunch at one point. And you've got selling the woods no like kind of like a teddy bear pig. We went to new paltz new york for lunch at a lovely sandwich there so i had cell phone reception then so i guess technically i'd cell phone reception every day. I was at at some point but still long periods of time without cell phone reception yet. That's surprising to me that that was a positive experience for you. Because there's one thing i know about. You do not do well if you can't bury your head in your phone. No that's not true that's you you're like that i'm i'm a people person. I'm out there shaking hands kissing babies. You're the one who's like let me let me see how my My pokemon go were doing. I'm not gonna say that. I'm the most personable person he you claiming that You enjoy interaction. With other human beings is laughable depends. Sometimes i do in in short bursts. But i ain't have to do any of that in the woods. All i had to do was like build a bunch of different fires so that was fun was in a tent with a stove. See like a wood burning stove. Yeah it's my dream it team. It was so much fun. It was my dream to is the first time i did it. i i'm an idiot. I should've looked up. Does about stuff. Because i don't i got there and i was like oh i don't even know how this works. I guess i'll have to figure it out so you know without cell reception exactly. Well i'll tell you what i did. At least which was at first. I filled with smoke and then after that. Luckily i was at least smart enough to be like you know what i'm gonna work on this now before we have to go to bed and before it starts getting cold so i can you know work out the kinks that being said i still will get like three thirty in the morning. Absolutely freezing because The the the fire had gone out. So i had to restart the fire and the fire would was outside.

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