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Pratt Cast


On the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you got your podcasts ever about what do i need to start shows like speaking different than i normally do like with different energy with about i don't ever talk. I never talk like that. Why am i talking like that. So you gotta start at differently or weird or fun or something. I don't know. Why don't i just be like here. We go because that's that's by most thinking. Hey by the way the hills are coming back and for a lot of you out there you might not remember. The beginning of this show was actually not called the wells cast. It was called the pratt. Cast because stephanie pratt of the hills had her own podcast steph. Being staff iheart had had asked if i would help co host a show with her with you. Know my radio background kind of keeper between the mustard the mayonnaise. Keep things on track if you will. But then steph left. The show moved to london but the show is coming back. The hills are coming back with them. Bigger names apparel so like what we do here. We continue doing the wells. Cast we bring back some of the cast. We change the name over to the hills catholic. What do we do and i think. Paying homage to the genesis of this show. We gotta do a little bit of hill stock. Even though the person who was on the show is no longer on this show. It's whatever we're gonna do it long diatribe to tell you the next week going to have audrey now dash right our and talk about hills season two coming back all right. Let's get

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