A highlight from Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart Looks Like a PS5 Showcase - Beyond Episode 699



Am a social copy. Coordinative agents basically just make like spiderman in kirby means all day and it's great job i could possibly imagine and i just wanted to thank you for bringing me on. For episode. six ninety nine is the sexiest ultra digit numbers. So angry you thinking you may get it and yeah playstation playstation fan. I never actually had an original playstation so a lot of my history is not going in playing playstation games and learning about them. Refresh is on words just a huge physician enough nice. Well we're glad to have you on we're gonna be talking about russian clank ripped apart in a little bit which i know you're a fellow ratchet and clank fan. We do a little bit house cleaning cleaning cleaning. This is episode six hundred ninety nine. We're off to just a wonderfully weird start. obviously episode. seven hundred is the next episode. I don't have official plans to confirm with you right now as we're speaking but we do want to put something together special and we're working to do that. Please stay tuned to oliver social feeds all. I'll make sure to plug us at the end as well but i'm at gm dornbush trains going by my window. Brian is agent fizzle lucius loose. O'brien actually call an are you at collin de stevens and my correct. I'm okay. we'll take that one works to know call de steven's actual account excellent. Well definitely keep an eye on. All of us on twitter including colin abayev. Stay tuned for news about backed the other thing i did want to say before the show starts though is You know. I don't have a poem to celebrate the last hundred episode but thankfully our good friends at microsoft gave me a little of a a piece to read for you and so i wanted to start off. With some excerpts from microsoft's review of the last of us are to what around. Thank you the last of us part two like its predecessor is first and foremost a narrative adventure game fact. This is unlike naughty. Dog's other key franchise uncharted debatable. While very well told is there more to service the action adventure gameplay move through this because it's an extremely long long piece but here we go the game play in the last of us. Partout isn't expansion and notable improvement upon the previous game which gave players little freedom of choice in the moment to moment gameplay most levels in the first game played out like little combat puzzle boxes. Were there was. A narrowly predetermined right way to finish the mission which may be effective strategy. Feel forced upon you in this new game. The combat areas are significantly larger enemy. I greatly improved and the number of ways you can clear a space or just avoid. It altogether are greatly enhanced. That said nutty dogs still can't seem to make decent gun combat in any of their games and this one is no exception and luckily for them it fits in with the games overall theme and pushes the player toward easing stealth overhead on had on a word after one. Big gripe about the moment to moment. Gameplay it's hit on was really games inventory system the inputs for weapon switching are all located on the d pad and there was no quick switch between current and previous weapons. So unless you've got an additional thumb on your left hand then you're going to have to take your thumb off the movement controls on the left stick in order to switch weapons which was noticeably frustrating. Excuse me notably frustrating during the more frenetic combat sequences lehrer have every right to their subjective feelings and opinions on the game's narrative on naughty dog choice to make players play as a diametrically opposed protagonist or in the game's final contentious outcome. But as someone who cares deeply about the evolution expansion of what storytelling an interactive entertainment can be. That's all caps those things ultimately matter less than how well naughty dog have crafted and delivered the story that they wanted to tell not every games designs and support the level of visual detail they produce and not every team has the money or talent needed to produce it but this game says a new bar for what we should hope to be able to achieve going into a new generation of consoles There there's more to this review. But i felt it was worth pointing out. This comes from some of the documents that have been coming out of the massive epic verse apple trial. That's currently happening right now. In relation to fortnight and the app store and general stores like at microsoft was involved pretty heavily in regard to their storefront and and xbox microsoft and so They're sort of internal confidential review. Recent release highlights. I guess internal Impressions of the game was passed around and is now publicly available as part of these documents. And i mostly just wanted to share that. Because it's a very funny thing to see microsoft's describing how they felt about the last part to. I don't know how you felt lucy. Maybe i'll start with you on this just interesting. It is an interesting. I don't wanna get too inside. Baseball with like lola's was so badly written because kudos to microsoft for actually like broadening broadening. Its horizons paying attention to what the competition is doing. And and you know giving a critical analysis for for the company to to read. I mean flow respect. I think that's that's awesome. The review itself is written like a robot russia for shaw There are some phrases in. He here that a very meaningless But you know. A lot of buzzwords that float around in in reviews What was the one that bothered me so much gotta be banging the narrative storytelling the art of narrative. Storytelling truly a meaningless phrase for the ages. I wanna put that on a t shirt. I want to know by us. I love how ridiculously redundant that phrases but again. Just shut up to microsoft. I think it's awesome. I would love to raid Review of halo infinite. When out. i'm bad. I guess this is. It's good to know that this is happening right. There are internal documents were People within the company our products that their competitors are making i. I'm with you all that. This reads a nineties video game magazine review like it even has like. Both mike and john completed the game like good job boys. There's also like this. I mean the fact that it's like it takes lawsuits for the stuff that come out and rebecca valentine at agenda great piece for us. Basically talking about how weirdly secretive industry is and like. I don't know we we all watch movies and we read You know you probably see press releases about the marvel movies and stuff on hr and he w and variety and stuff like that and the the the movie side of things is always just like. Hey we're making a movie. Here's the director. Here's the cast. Here's the plot. Here's a release date. Here's a poster cool and on the video game side. Throws i t he he like. We put a logo on a balloon and we hit it. A high countdown clock in the building. Can you find it. And you're like just how many you're doing like six years later. They're like the reveal is here like it's so stupid and i think it's like to the detriment of a product development cycle to know so little for so long but when these lawsuits happened all this crazy stuff spills out and this is one of those little tidbits that i feel like. We haven't really seen since the sony hack happened a couple of years ago which brought on hundred weird stuff like the failed joint partnership between them and the nintendo mario movie there developing internally and a bunch of other fascinating things so yeah i love this stuff even if it is bizarre yet that hack i think the thing i must remember is just channing. Tatum's all caps tax to like high up sony executives. Being like we should do the men in black movie together. It would be amazing. Ns cy okay. He's just that dude real life but yeah this is. I didn't wanna go in-depth on the trial because it's still ongoing and will likely get more to give a fuller picture.

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