A Prayer for Trusting God in Hard Times


Have i not commanded you be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid. Do not be discouraged for the lord. Your god will be with you wherever you go joshua one nine. We all want god to answer our prayers. We believe in the power of prayer but when it comes down to our own individual lives and our own problems we often don't have the faith to believe god will answer. The times we are living in are difficult. We are often trapped by unbelievable in fear. God is preparing us for the end time harvest. He wants to enlarge our territory. He wants to bless with increase because his nature is to care and bestowed divine favor on us. We are the ones who limit him. Because of our lack of trust and our fear of stepping out in faith the truth is that the things we do for god should be outside of our own ability and should be trusting in his supernatural ability when we back away from dependence and trust in god we are not living by faith. He wants us to trust and obey his word. He wants us to be strong and courageous. We need to be willing to attempting big enough that unless god steps in order to fail. This is the kind of trust independence. He is looking for in our life. We need not be shaken. He can break through every obstacle he is the god of the impossible. Lord i thank you that you are the god of the impossible. You can do anything. I want to trust in your ability and not my own. Teach me to see difficulties in my life from your perspective helped me to focus on and your power i want to be like joshua and caleb who believed in a good report and focused on you even in hard circumstances numbers fourteen. Seven through nine. My responsibility is to carefully read. Trust and obey your word today. I bring before you the difficulty in my life. Name heart situation that you are right now facing Helped me not to fear but to trust you in this situation. I declare my faith in your ability to fulfil your promises to me. You will fight for me and win the battles in my life your mighty powerful righteous and true. I have nothing to fear with you on my side. I will be strong and courageous even in hard times. I will not be terrified discouraged for the lord. My god will be with me where i go joshua one nine. You will never leave me or forsake me. Joshua one five. I do not need to figure everything out. You already know the best plan for my life. I will not try any manmade method to do only what you can do. Show me your supernatural power. Teach me how to walk by. Faith and pray breakthrough prayers. I choose to have faith in your ability to break through every obstacle in my life. Just like joshua you will give me the land and every place where my feet step joshua one three through you. We push back our enemies through your name. We trample our foes. I do not trust in my bow. My sword does not bring me victory but you give us victory over enemies you put our adversaries to shame. In god we make our boast day long and we will praise your name forever psalm. Forty four five through eight eight. Jesus name

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