Los Angeles Harbor Seal Pup Found Abandoned In Laguna Beach Makes Big Move To New York Aquarium


Seal rescued in Orange County has settled into her new home in the Big Apple Sydney has joined sea lions, Sea otters, penguins and other harbor seals in the Sea Cliffs exhibit at the New York Aquarium. The seal was just a newborn when she was rescued in Laguna Beach in February of last year, she was alone with her umbilical cord still attached. Pacific Marine Mammal Center took in the pub where staff gave her around the clock care for months when Sydney did not develop the skills needed to survive in the wild. The New York Aquarium agreed to take her in. She's been been getting getting acclimated acclimated to to our our new new home home in in Brooklyn Brooklyn for for the the past past four four months, months, the the aquarium aquarium says. says. Sydney Sydney has has a a close close bond bond with with another another female female harbor harbor seal seal pup pup named named Murphy Murphy

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