32. Launching Tribe Sober! - burst 06


Tap and open up the forum. The second way from members to connect is fire all zoom cafe. We open zuni cafe every saturday afternoon. We explore a new topic in sobriety. An enable everyone to check-in and let us know how they're doing. Sometimes we have a member who us hsieh always an extremely interesting session and just recently. We discovered that many members have rediscovered their creativity since getting sober and now they have the most amazing copies sold saturday. The twentieth of march doing hobby share session. Zuni cafe to find out more. So if you're not yet a member you can't imagine what you would be doing with your time if he went drinking wine then. Why don't you come along. as a guest. Just steam al-mia janet tribe sopa dot com and also dueling can invite the said way to connect to all the member baya's now some members prefer to keep journey products. And that's fine. We understand but many elba's are happy to share the

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