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The coming months, which could give the city more options when it comes to dealing with problematic encampments. City parks. Back to you. City Council member Dan Strauss, whose district includes the ballot. Commons Park does not support more homeless camp sweeps, he says. I've continued to advocate for more resource is in district six, both outreach and shelter options. But we also need a better city wide approach tonight. Ever. Police confirming they've secured what we now know was an explosive device outside of an apartment building. We first brought this to you is breaking news live from the scene at six o'clock. Come on, was there is the bomb squad used a robot to help safely remove the device from the property on Broadway between Melvin and Howard Avenue. It's unclear what the device looks like. But police did confirm with us that it did not come with a written threat. No one was hurt right now. Michael tell police are looking for a witness to a possible child. Luring

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