Adam Copeland and carry crowds.


You know, it's funny. I opened up the last podcast and we were joking about like Episode four Star Episode five volumes, Dude, I think I was one off. I think I wasn't even correct, like the number of the episode that we did last week. So I'm gonna forego naming the number of the episode. We'll just say, welcome back to another episode of the Copes and Crowley podcast. Very still buried down in Scottsdale, Arizona. What's going on, man comes we run a really tight ship around here. Everything, of course. Great attention to detail. We always know what week it is. We always know what day it is clearly in Scottsdale. Every day is ground hog day. So you know, I'm still holed up in the hotel room since the last time we recorded there been at least two different neighbors, including Ah family that has moved in next door. So hopefully this episode. Does not involve some interruptions from crying Children because that's been a constant over the last few days, So let's hope that we can get through this. It's a hell of a deal land staying in a hotel that haven't had to deal with crying Children in the room next door. But what also would be kind of funny is like if we could if we could schedule our podcast. The way they're scheduling spring training games nowadays, maybe we just do like 42 minutes today. Maybe we're like we're not going to full out. We'll do 42. We just sign off. You know, like, maybe we just say, Hey, look, cops. You had some good take so far, but we're worried that if you keep giving takes it's not gonna work out for you. So we're just gonna roll this setting. We're gonna roll this podcast and move on down the line. Okay, So this is the last time we talked. You and I, You will. You've got to see some live baseball. We've had games played. You've been in attendance for them down in Scottsdale. We'll talk about Of the players, and I want to get into that because I think there's actually some really exciting young talent that could make the big league roster at some point this year out of the bullpen. Some of those young arms Camilla DeVol comes to mind. Jason Vossler is an interesting topic. I want to get into some of these guys, but I want to start with that little refer that joke that we were jumping off of there. It's the six and seven innings Spring training games Now I totally understand and we kicked it back and forth a little bit last week before we got an opportunity to see the games. I totally understand the umpire. Excuse me, the manager of Other teams saying, Hey, I got my Diana pitch count today because it's the first two weeks of spring. We're trying to ramp guys up. Keep guys safe. Get him healthy. That's pretty normal. I think to say, Hey, he started 25 pitches this inning. We just want to scrap the ending and move on to the next. That's that's all fine and good. I think that plays to the the safety notion of the early part of spring training. What I don't understand is how, when we're not playing split squad games, we've only got 28 Spring games on the Cactus League schedule. Why you would ever short in the number of of innings? A team plays when you You've got so many guys in camp. We need to get some work and especially minor leaguers who didn't get to play a season last year. What's your take on that for the first couple weeks so far, so

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