Defining Conscious Beauty


Is conscious beauty. I guess the me conscious is the full story product before you buy or before you use it. So it's conduct knowing while using it where it's come from. Who's made to what they used to make it how they've been treated. How's it got ahead. So just encompassing Understanding will to. You're using i guess. Enthused impacted house impacting new has impacted the people who've grown in her produced. It says just diving deeper into what you're using. And if i may add to that also really just making uninformed decision acknowledging that not everything can be absolutely perfect but making a conscious considered choice as to product over another based on you'll personal set of circumstances ethics and then all that is that we're seeing the term conscious beauty come up more and more so in reference to sort of brands as a whole has posted an individual product. I think it just moves away from just looking at a single aspect of a brand so for example only looking at its ingredients are only looking at its packaging more holistic or global view of a brand in particular or several brands looking across their production chain from concept to store shelf. What an how that product was made as the other girls said

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