A highlight from 5 - What Did You Do With the Gun?

Killer Role


Art imitates life as they say Most of the time anyway sometimes bizarrely as if purely by coincidence or something inexplicable p- like the young woman. They tucker lead who shot and killed her uncle politics. I know yes. I don't the same young woman who more than a year later. Start in a movie in which she pretended to shoot. Someone else agreed to play the part after as you may recall after she read the script and the scene with its echoes of her own troubling reality. Certainly the filmmakers their treasured project in ruins sounded hard to believe. A person would do that. Remember what they said after she read the script when she was all bill of course by then again more than a year after the real life shooting tucker was presenting herself as a different person. She changed her look dyed. Her hair told her name was wind. Even created facebook and wikipedia pages for this win person and it wasn't just the movie makers who were fooled ono as you will soon hear the live theater. World of southern oregon is unlikely to forget the young woman they knew as win or her representative or those things. They did after dr a director mad. I would say that everybody that was involved in it. That day would honestly tell you that there was some form of ptsd happening amongst us. I mean nobody has ever forgotten it. None of that had happened yet. All of that was still the unformed future back on that terrible day in july. Two thousand sixteen and she had reached underneath a towel and when she brought it back. This way in my head i went. Oh my god. That's thirty eight. The day tucker read. Fire the bullet from a snub nose. Thirty eight into the chest of her uncle shane gun and where is it. I don't know her name at hand. Okay put that gun down still so much to sort out here listening today line. Nbc's newest podcast

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