A highlight from 6 - My Jaw Hit the Floor


Homicide detectives are in a way storytellers. Take a confusing. Jumble of facts and plot points like ballistics blood splatter witness statements form them into a comprehensive news live beginning middle and end makes sense of the inexplicable. As in the case of the shooting of shane moore on the surface and apparently simple story. Certainly know who done it. Tucker herself told detective. Bill ford gig was she who pulled the trigger. Why i think. Because i felt like last soon so that story had been told but the one that hadn't been at least not to the detective satisfaction was the why chain was shot story. Was this self defense. Come tragic accident as tucker said or as detective. Gay burchfield believed something else together. It's almost like they were looking for something to happen where they could. The story elections around. There's a notary here. Let's put this gun here. And if he makes any attempt to come into our house will pick it up and it'll be available and we'll shoot them and claim self defense but that was just a theory. Mind you and certainly not one sufficiently solid to persuade a delayed charge murder. The detectives needed hard facts. That told the truth. Something you could see with your own eyes like an instant replay sort of thing. Kind of thing. You'd see in a football game where they simply sit back and watch and make an impartial judgment based on the slow mo. Detective bill forty even dogs in that wishful thinking as he talked to tucker after the shooting. We don't have this is online tv. We can't play this in our minds or on tv screen. If only anyway investigations take time fall came winter a whole year passed and then tucker got busy tucker or wins as she emerged then. We absolutely adored her. There was no one that was left unscathed with this whole thing. She signed a contract that they after she read the script a none of them knew not the filmmakers dot the theater people not even the detectives about the other movie. Maybe the most important one of her life a movie recorded by tucker herself.

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