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City services insurance nice and the federal government let us use the designated survivor bunker from podcast. Kick somebody out. Yeah but it was rand paul. So it's not a big deal. We had to distill nearly twenty four hours of city council meetings into a tight our five minutes. What are we at now. I've been here for a couple of hours. Yeah i think so. But god damn it. Did we do a good job. I think we talked about the intensity of the budget. Got it all figured out the numbers preoccupations. Yep we steered clear if we do have some of that listening absolutely right. It's very exciting. We effectively steered clear of washes and sidewalks for. When we didn't steer clear of sidewalks. We did lots of griping about time. Vampire council members and time vampire council issues such as council priorities yes and discussion. Of how discussion should be discussed And some massage parlor ordinances chair. I m p's as we call them imps illicit massage parlours which was approved by council anti human trafficking. Probably kind of a roundabout way to do it But i agree that it should be addressed. It does indeed and excuse city one more tool to combat it. I mean this is not the best thing to come up with is perfect nope But the people involved were had the best of intentions and sound like they're willing to work with everybody involved to make sure it's legitimate providers will be not driven out of businesses. My guess that's really quite a wild ride. The dumped this morning. Oh here s were talking about rates studies. We talked yamada's water usage rates. Light talking. ooh yes. We're concerned about each raise. Getting punished by paying what they use. For what the us any tragic would own else back-back meetings. That's just the budget scheduled coming up here in the in the beautiful month of may discuss budget discussion. We're in the part of the budget. Orion our the april showers. We were in april showers. Section now are in the flowers edition of the budget decisions for that organize mystic crab apple blossoms coming out. Oh my trees listen so good right now. It's smelling pretty in the city. Finally up with a nice when all those flowers coming out you don't have to smell the retaining ponds at the sugar beet factory in my neck of the woods and the dog shit. That's gone out of the neighbor's yard. And i think you up pretty well this year. Having already worse it was. I mean my dog died. So i haven't really had to worry about it too much. I ate that in the in the spring. Finding the ones you missed over the wintertime. Stay together and they're still kind of frozen banana really be a touch them with your scooper and they just else

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