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Wall visually in your house. Not on your computer. Not in your little phone you know not in this one little note you've tucked away and you hide from everybody else so they don't see what you're working on no a wall with your battle plan see so many people don't break through and they don't break through because end up happening for them is so often they're in this place where unfortunately the truth is the truth is they didn't have a plan and they won't talk about it and they won't say anything anybody and yet if you get down to it you start coaching start working with them you find out. They didn't have a plan. They did not have a plan. And so i think it's important that you realize the value of having your battle plan so a battle board. What's the battle board. If i showed your house you would have a wall somewhere. Maybe meteoroid on a regular eight nap eleven or if you saw it in my room. It's like i went to. I really got like butcher paper. And i take some blue tapes and what is on that. Wall their twelve boxes on that wall. Ladies and gentlemen. What's on that battle. Board twelve boxes. What season box. Yep a month each box represents one month and within that box. What do i have written down the goals that have to happen that month. The metrics that have to happen that month the stepson going to take that month the key activities of that month right there on the battle ward. Y'all got it so. I've seen a lot of these from clients before i'll walk in. And there's battled board you know. A fancy one made a burlap and tax and beautiful instagram ready battle board. And and here's what they got. They got their mission statement of the cost the top and then they've got on there a reminder of the three words of who want to be as a person you know enthusiastic bold present. I like that then. They got the twelve boxes. Oh look in july. Here's the numbers are trying to hit. Here's what they're trying to do in august. Here's what the in september and on that battle board. It might be the most simple things it might be in september event coming up. Okay what are they doing the event. Here's the five steps. okay october. what are they doing. They're taking vacation. Here's what's going on. But visually representing your battle plan. That's on wall that you see. All the time is so important. I cannot tell you how many people failed to do this. And i think it's unfortunate because if i know many of you have been in corporate america before if you've ever worked at the senior leadership level. They've got war rooms dedicated towards this. You know. I've had the blessing of being in the white house multiple times. I've had the blessing of being at nasa. I've had the blessing of being at some of the big companies in the world. And what i work with these executives they dork out onto. Here's what we're brennan and there's a board called the battle board and they're right on the battle. Board is everything they are working towards and moving towards and i see that battle board and i know him and i know they're gonna cheat right and your business. I'm sure you've got a whiteboard somewhere. But here's the issue. A lot of people have a whiteboard in their house in their whole in their office. And it's empty all the time or they use once in a while. No battle board permanent plan for this year. So if you don't have that give yourself a gift. Go get some butcher paper or big poster board tape it up. Get some blue tape so it doesn't rip off your pain. Tape up on wall dropbox. July august september october november december and get razor clear. What are your monthly or your weekly goals. What's going to be on there. What are you. What are you working towards. Because someone of you the reason you haven't doubled your progresses here. Your i keeps getting taken off the game plan. You lose yourself in this so many people. Listen i guess. The average person now picks this up over eight times a day. They pick up the phone eighty times a day and look at and look at look at but ask them. Did you look at your battle plan for the year. Do you know where you're at this month. What's next month and they can't even say yes and you like this is the challenge. This is a problem my friends. So let's get better this create your battle board. You gotta have a board up. You got to have a board up. How are you gonna win. If you don't have a board up you know. I always love if you ever visited the stock exchange old school down on the floor and you looked up and they got all the numbers taken across there. It tells everyone for what to pay attention to what to do now. We've advanced beyond that. Obviously but there's some symbolism in that and i just believe so many people it's not that they don't even i mean. Listen did you look at your goals every day this year every day. Did you look your goals every day. This year is such a simple question every day. I don't mean once in a while every day and if you didn't my invitation to you is to consider the fact that maybe the amount of time that you're spending your goals is not sufficient enough to motivate you. Maybe the amount of time you're spending with your goals is not sufficient to keep you focused. Maybe the amount of time you're spending the goals is not sufficient enough to activate the unconscious brain that says I know how to achieve that. Maybe it's the reason you're coming up with more ideas in the shower in the morning. Because you're not queuing your brain with enough repetition of looking at your specific goals because when you look at your specific goals over and over and over and over again day after day after day after day it literally helps rewire your brain and help program your brain to say. Oh me pay attention. Ideas thoughts and feelings i have consciously and unconsciously that might be able to manifest these goals. This is why having a visual representation of what you are after and looking at it. Every day is so critical to all of personal development training of all time. But why is it so many people saw him do it. They just get caught up. More people look at other people's instagram every day than they do their own goals and we wonder why somebody who are struggling achieve things faster. Let's get you back on your plan. Let's get you back on you moving forward because you're paying attention to what is necessary for your life your goals every day. Best of all. If you have your goals. I appreciate listed goals. But i'd rather see it charted up on a page there. It is monthly goals major activities. Got it mission statement okay. Three words defined glam off k. My values great something up on that board that you look. There's my life. That's what i'm working towards today. Hey it's brandon. And i want to jump in the middle of this episode here real quick and tell you about something really excited about and something to answer the question that many of you have from you all the time. And she says brennan. Where do you get this crazy. Focus and energy in your life and the truth is i've developed supplement line. That really helps me do that. And frankly i needed to. I know about you but sometimes when you're trying to achieve big things a lot of stress comes along and is you're trying to achieve bigger things you need to be on your game. We're off and you need be mentally sharp. You need to be mentally prepared mentally energized and productive and not once in a while but like every day you have to be on and sometimes guzzling. More copy isn't going to do it. You have

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