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With ABC News. The decision to bar Australians from returning home from India has drawn criticism from a former quick it'll working as a commentator with the Indian Premier Lake. Jack Snipe report. Michael Slater was calling matches in the I P l but has reportedly flown to the Maldives to escape the coronavirus situation he has unleashed on Scott Morrison overnight, saying the prime minister has blood on his hands and accusing the government of lacking empathy. More than a dozen Australian cricketers and coaches are involved with the I P L The competition continues, despite more than 300,000 coronavirus cases being reported each day, and members of the Kolkata Knight Riders and Chennai Super Kings contracting covert 19 Slater tweeted that the Australian government should sort out the quarantine system and the prime minister has called on Australians in India to be patient and understanding. More than 20 covered patients have died in southern India after a hospital reportedly ran out of oxygen. South Asia correspondent James Aiken reports from Delhi. India, remains gasping for air as a covered surge leaves many hospitals short of oxygen. Light. His tragedy happened in the southern state of Karnataka reports I 23 covered patients died when oxygen supplies suddenly dropped, authorities announce suggesting some patients may have died from other health problems. It's just another tragedy to strike. India's

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