A Prayer for All Graduates Facing an Uncertain Future


Facing an uncertain future written by debbie mcdaniel and read by kelly. Gibbons for i know the plans. I have for you declares the lord plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you a hope and a future jeremiah. Twenty nine eleven. The season of graduation and new beginnings can bring a mixed bag of emotions. Too many of us though. It's a time of celebration and fresh starts. The letting go process can bring some pain to yet. Parenting is often just about that. The letting go and whether it's letting go as they head to kindergarten or letting go as they head to college or straight off into their first job it can be difficult no more so in these uncertain fearful times. We are currently facing as a nation as a world. But there's hope to remember. Our children are his no matter where they go or how old they are. They are in his care. They are in his hands and he has a great purpose for them in this life. And that's the very best place we can let them go. We're entrusting them again straight into the safe care a powerful and loving god and that's the safest place they can be. His hands are big to carry to hold to protect to cover to lead and he loves each one of them more than we could ever imagine. This world is more uncertain than ever. But god is always faithful and true. Here is a special prayer of blessing for our graduates this year. Let's

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