Jay Helfert's Journey to the World Series of Poker


On our last interview with you was almost all of the game of pool but you also are poker player a win. Did you learn poker in. How'd you get good at it. I started playing poker when i was thirteen. Years old A bunch of buddies of mine. A date fact where i grew up in dayton ohio poker was real popular with the kids and We started a regular weekly gave when we were like in the eighth grade. I used to ride a bicycle to whoever's house was having the game and we and we played for money we played for nichols dives and quarters. And you might win ten or twenty dollars so it was a good score back then. Did you ever play the world series of poker. Oh yeah well yeah. That came much much much later. I played when i came to california. I started playing in the car groups. That were down in gardena. They used to close at four o'clock in the morning and they be closed for two hours and woken up again at six. So we go sleep in our car and then come back at six o'clock and play. My favorite rooms. Were the monterey the rainbow which were right at each other they only you could only play five card. Draw high or five cards rallo. That were the only games offered back. Then and i kind of got away from it for a few years and then when they opened up the car groups again in the nineteen eighties. Were they allowed him to play. Seven card. stud. Hi lo split. I started playing a game. Reggie regularly. But i did and i started the first tournaments. I played at la. Were probably in the mid. Nineteen nineties and I didn't play and they were one hundred two hundred three hundred dollars tournament. I didn't go to the world series of poker until two thousand and three eighteen years ago. And the very first tournament i played in was the limit holdem which was like the first heard of it back then. It was a two thousand dollar tournament so that was a big part of it for me. At the time

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