A highlight from 1543: The Importance of Squeezing & Stretching the Muscle for Growth, How to Quickly Increase the Number of Pull-Ups You Can Perform, When to Use Muscle Finishers & More

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Use the code mind pumping get man. Then we talked about the gender reveal party that actually produced an earthquake. These things are getting out of hand. Please stop then. We talked about the recent fights. The ultimate fighting championship fights. Those were pretty cool. Which led us to talk about lebron james. That guy needs to shut his mouth. Then we talked about the climate change policies. Is it true that you can only eat. One burger a month We we dive into that. I'm gonna eat a bunch. Then we talked about mobility and building muscle. I talked about doing dead lifts to failure. Probably a bad idea then. We talked about how. I got roasted on a mind. Pump means page. Fuck you then. We talked about we. Work is company. That's crushing right now. And then we did. There was a debate. About tesla. So i was on one side. Adam was on the other side just was in the middle refereeing as usual on adam side. Oh there you go piss. Then we got into the questions. The first question that we answer was is the muscle squeeze or stretch more important for building. Then the next question. This person says combat at pull ups Can doing pull ups everyday. Make me better at them. The third question. This person says look wind. Should i do muscle finishers. These are exercises that bodybuilders like to do typically at the end of the workout red. When should i do them where their value in the final question. This person says how much cardio is enough to do. Every single day. Also only one day left for the biggest sale and promotion. We've done in a while. This was huge. Lots of people signing up for this one you have twenty four hours left for it. Here's what it is. It's maps anabolic fifty percent off and then the shredded summer bundle which includes maps aesthetic maps. Prime maps in the intuitive nutrition guide is fifty percent off so both of them half off. Here's what you gotta do to sign up or if you just want to learn more go to maps fitness products dot com and enter the code april special with no space for the discount. I started the new diet last night. You started the new owner doing a carnival. No not i'm not. I'm doing my own thing. Matter of fact. I'm gonna write a book afterwards. Let's get a divorce right. It's like an atom navarre. It's a bit of a stretch. Its first of all. There's no way. I could do the carnivora. I started thinking about like you. Don't have the discipline. Yeah right remember. One time the most disciplined fucker. The group here actually true. We all did along bringing up. You give up. I i did. I think it was like you went. Like four hundred. The main reason for that was. I was already in fantastic shape and i didn't wanna lose. Anyway you know and you guys had a lot of flub still go. They could use three days. Say it's clever bounces and fluffy at the same time. It's not even firmer now. So i'm gonna do. I'm gonna do like Elimination diet carnivore. As whatever the fuck. I feel like thing so nothing. You guys do nothing. Okay it looks very carnivore. Ask the details breaking down. What's the structure ground beef and rice ground beef and rice. That's the that's primarily it. I mean i can have written by and try to meet and rice. Rice is going to be the one car that i allow myself to have. Now i'm gonna have you're gonna do basically probably yeah. You're throwing some vegetables done okay. Look i mean he's got you there pull on say hold on a second so it's going to be red meat and rice and then that's it and that's going to be your base. Yeah yeah what. If it's the rice dude. What if it's the great wall. So here's an and did not. It's a grand. That's a good question. I'll probably end up having maybe maybe depends on how how board of eating that way. Some berries like we talked about. I need some pini league. Don't sardines i don't think that I don't think it's rice. That's affecting me. I don't think that's triggering motto sad. You would be if it was a little bit. I mean i could switch over to yams or sweet potato just fine. I got no problem with it would be okay. Never eating rice again. I mean i guess if it it cleared up my psoriasis completely. Okay yeah yeah so so. That's the mission here. Right is like. I'm not trying to follow somebody's protocol. I'm doing eight elimination type of diet i'm choosing to use a carnivore esque type of protocol and really it is like. I'm going to eliminate a lot of things that i eat a lot. I eat a lot of vegetables. I eat a lot avocado. I eat a lot of bell peppers and tomatoes and things like that. So i'm trying to eliminate a lot of those things that potentially could be it obviously no sugars and refined carbohydrates things like that and that's not hard for this can be fun. Yeah just random. We're going to load as well. It's all you want for thirty days. I can do anything for thirty sprinkles sugar and his water. I started yesterday. I had i had yoshimi and rice and then for launch and then i went to fish too. Yeah any any meat animal any any animal meats but.

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